Joie de Vivre

The Blue Hen , St. Augustine, FL

Since January 8th I have fully embraced the joie de vivre. Once I decided to be filled with the exuberant joy of life, I also decided I would live no other way. I went into this experience deciding it would be the mantra of my journey. Doc Ramsey’s joie de vivre would remind me to be brave in a land unknown and to embrace the novelty of it all. While I thought this would be my motto as I pushed myself to overindulge in European pastries, I have since learned it can also apply to chemotherapy.

Instead of boarding the plan to London on January 7th, I prepared for a CT Guided Needle Biopsy on my right lung. A week later I was diagnosed with Stage One Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma. While this news has postponed my Great Ideas Tour, what I have learned in reading about Doc Ramsey and embracing the joie de vivre, I know it will be no time before I am ready to jet set.I decided to approach this challenge with a similar mindset to the joie de vivre. It is a small bump in the road, but travel is certainly on the horizon. I appreciate all of the continued support and kind words from the Ramsey Family and can not wait to share my journey.

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